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Helping You Plan, Prepare, and Experience Your Own Good Death

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Life matters. Talk about death.

The Best Advance Care Planning in VT

Thinking about mortality is always sobering, but it is also something that is important to think about and discuss as you or a loved one gets older. With Ending Well, I provide individuals and families with the best advance care planning in Montpelier, VT.

I understand the difficulties that come with seriously thinking about and planning for the end of life. That is why I offer compassionate, helpful advice and guidance about how to plan for the end of life, care for loved ones, deal with a negative prognosis, plan an alternative funeral, or any other issues related to this difficult topic. While thinking about end-of-life support and care will always be difficult, I help you see through the emotions and make smart decisions for the future.

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Filling the Gap

I first began my journey as an end-of-life specialist by training to become a death midwife. My experiences working in a major hospital and in hospice left me determined to fill the gaps in planning and receiving end-of-life support and care for patients.

Now, I use what I have learned to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible so their transition can be as comfortable as possible. From home funeral planning to ensuring you or your loved one gets the best care possible, I am ready to assist you in any way you require during this trying time.

Your Needs Are My Concern

Your complete comfort is very important to me. That is why I tailor my services to fit your exact needs, and I do my best to accommodate your requests. Additionally, my fees are negotiable, because I want to make sure each patient and his/her family can afford the care they deserve.

The more I embrace working with death and the dying, the more I learn what truly matters, and understand how I want to live. It is a powerful, uplifting, and transformative experience, and it is an honor to be of service to my community in this way.

I encourage you to learn more about me by reading my blog, “Your Own Good Death.” I use this source to write about what I do, reflect on working with death, share some of my experiences, and review books. I also talk about training and other resources I use to continue to learn and grow as an end-of-life specialist. Subscribe to make sure you never miss a post, so you can grow right along with me.

Give me the honor of helping you plan for your end-of-life needs.

Mission Statement

As an End-of-Life Specialist my goal is to help you plan, prepare, and experience your own good death and funeral. Whether you are just starting to think about the end-of-life, or preparing to say goodbye I can support you or connect you to the resources you need.


Contact me to schedule a consultation. I provide advance care planning for patients and families located throughout the Vermont, area.

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