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I Support You through Life's Uncertainties

Death is often hard to think about and even harder to talk about. Unfortunately, many people do not want to discuss matters concerning death. If you are ready to think about and talk about the ending-of-life, I provide assistance through Ending Well. From death literary to life review, I can help provide you with guidance when you need it the most. I offer patient advocacy and much more for clients in Montpelier and Central Vermont.

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Values-Based Advance Care Planning

As an end-of-life specialist, I help people who are beginning to think about what it means to die. That includes advanced care planning along with creating advanced directives and other documents that document their end-of-life goals and wishes beyond basic medical treatment.

The style of advanced care panning I do is called values-based advanced care planning. I also help people pick appropriate health care proxies and agents. I can help you figure out what needs to be done to create wills and designate other people in roles that are important at the end of life.

End-of-Life Support and Care

I work as a death midwife or an end-of-life doula, which involves providing practical, personal, spiritual, and emotional support to people who are actively dying. I  provide non-medical support and will help you work closely with the medical hospice in your area.

Home Funerals & Green Burials

I can help you plan your own funeral and how you would like to be memorialized after you die, including home funerals and green burials. You can have a funeral that reflects your ethics and values. I can also help you navigate within the world of today's commercial funerals and help you relieve the stress and confusion of planning funerals.

Patient Literacy and Self-Advocacy

I can help people become better advocates for themselves in navigating the health care system. In learning how to be an empowered part of your healthcare, you will feel more comfortable communicating with your health care providers.

Death Literacy and Awareness

Learn about what I do and what I offer through my community outreach. I teach the public about their options for dying wills and provide an overview of their local services such as hospice, laws regarding home funerals and green burials, and access to professional home nursing care. I also offer assistance in designing community and institutional programs relating to death and dying.

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Birth & Bereavement/Pregnancy Loss Doula

I provide support for women who are expecting pregnancy loss or have experienced pregnancy loss. This service is specifically designed for pregnant women and their families.

Life Review

Document the important aspects of your life with my assistance. I help facilitate memoir writing and the sharing of memories with loved ones.

Death Cafe

Additionally, I help facilitate my local Death Cafe. Death Cafes is an international movement, and I can advise you about starting one in your community.

Community Resources:

• The Vermont Ethics Network
• Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice
• VNAs of Vermont
• Compassion and Choices Vermont
• Vermont Advance Directive Form and Registry
• Vermont Green Burial
• The National Home Funeral Alliance
• New Hampshire Funeral Resources, Education & Advocacy
• The Funeral Consumer Alliance
• Vermont Palliative and End-of-Life Care Resource Connections
• Milkweed Journeys
• The Green Burial Counsel